Monday, July 27, 2009

Do You Kiss Your Momma with that Mouth?

As you know, 19 month-olds really like to babble. They are learning all sorts of interesting words and sounds! Well, Kami knows the word "sit" and she knows what it means. But when she says it, well, it sounds like a dirty word. I knew this would end up embarrassing me.

This weekend at church, we decided to not sit in the cry room and actually sit in the sanctuary.


We tried to get her to settle down and we told her to sit. Seconds later, Kamryn yelled "sh-t!!!!"

The congregation was completely silent because they were in prayer. But when Kami belted out that word, the chuckles emerged. My mom and I were laughing so hard, tears were streaming down our face!

Then, service started and the organ blared. Kami is scared of organ music. So she screamed! Needless to say, we made a bee-line to the cry room.

Summer Fun!

Despite Kami's eye drama, we've had a great summer! Kam loves the water. She's gotten her share of pool time at her Aunt Amy's and Canebrake country club. Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cellulitis: A Cautionary Tale

Wow! So much has happened since my last post. I'm sorry, again, that it's been so long. We've been quite busy, oh, I'd say, this entire month! First, we had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. Kamryn got to celebrate with her daddy, her pops, and paw-paw. But that Saturday, we noticed something funny with her eye. It was red and swollen. We thought it must have been a bug bite, or something got in her eye, and we didn't think much more. Well, on Father's Day, her eye was swollen partially shut. We also noticed a bump underneath her eyelid.

Okay. This is the part where mommy really screws up. Seeing that I'm not a doctor, for some reason I felt qualified enough to diagnose Kami with a sty. There is nothing a doctor can do for a sty. So I decided not to take her to the doctor that Sunday.

Big mistake.

Monday morning, Kami was unable to open her eye. I found drops of blood in her crib that dripped from her eye. Her little eyelashes were clumped with puss and blood. She looked awful, and I was scared.

We took her to the doctor, and her pediatrician was mortified. She prescribed bactrim and eye drops and told us to come back first thing in the morning. Well, the next day, her eye looked even worse. We brought her back to the doctor, and doc decided immediately to admit her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with cellulitis, an infection of soft tissues around the eye. What makes this even scarier....the bacteria was staph.

I had a mini breakdown in the doctor's office. Thank God my mother was with me. I had to be strong for my girl!

The next two days at the hospital were long, to say the least. They put the IV in her hand. But the nurse got a needle that was too big. So, after butchering her hand for about five minutes, she decided to try a different needle on the other hand.

Now, you mommies know that toddlers love to explore. Every corner of a room, or building for that matter, is an adventure. Now, imagine your toddler being hooked up to an IV with about ten feet to spare. Believe me, it was hard keeping Kami from running around. But she's one tough cookie. I was so proud of her! She laughed and played in that hospital gown! Now, make no mistake about it. She didn't feel so hot, and she wouldn't touch her food. But I kept thinking, if an adult had an eye infection like that, he or she'd be much more dramatic. Kami acted like she didn't have a care in the world! Gosh, I love that kid!

After a day and a half in the hospital, her eye was well enough that she could be released. What a relief! The antibiotics really, really worked. Thank God for answering all of our prayers!

So, if I learned anything from this, it's that it's okay to be one of those mothers who always rushes her kid to the doctor with every ailment. That's what we do! We're mothers! Now, it's time to plan a beach trip :)